Welcome to my blog!  Right now it’s all in Swedish - but I promise you my posts are filled with creative pictures for everyone to explore and who knows, I might just start to write in English one day...

Who am I?
My name is Karolina and I live in the south of Sweden in an old and charming red house in the countryside. I am married to an englishman and we have tree children together. I work as a professional music teacher and my main instrument is the piano. 

My Blog
This blog is filled with my origami decorations, handmade cards, children's tutus, napkin folding, newly written children's songs, a little bit of jewellery and lots and lots of other things!

My Inspiration
I've always loved working with my hands. The tranquillity and the surrounding nature here in the south of Sweden gives me a lot of inspiration. 

As a child my grandmother taught me how to paint and draw, sew cross stitches, and also how to play the piano. I spend most of my spare time handcrafting. I definitely have a lot of extra energy for arts and I am constantly working on different projects.

My Webshops 
I have two small webshops on american Etsy where I sell my paper decorations. It is fun making deorations that people are using at weddings and parties on the other side of the world! Both shops are open from time to time but with three small children and a full time job it is sometimes hard to keep on top of everything. But please feel free to drop on by: www.lillytyll.etsy.comwww.melker.etsy.com 

Paper Craft
My interest in origami and paper craft has increasingly grown stronger with time. Recently I tried "book alteration" or "book folding" which is a very odd and fun technique where you fold the pages in old books and make them into different geometrical forms. Some of my old books are now transformed into whimsical circus tents.

I LOVE PAPER CRAFT and I hope that you will enjoy my blog!

Thank you for stopping by! Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or just want to share some of your own artistic work and ideas! I hope to hear from you soon!



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